The Classics of the Philosophy of Freedom From Plato to Heidegger

Maka Lashkhia


The Classics of the Philosophy of Freedom. From Plato to Heidegger, a collection of papers jointly prepared by Georgian and German researchers, was issues by the publishing house “Meridiani” in 2011. The book sheds light upon the philosophic development of the notion of freedom that encompasses many convergent aspects. Human being, in essence, can only be free. However, at an early stage of self-development, man was unaware of this. One thing is to get rid of nature but even more important is self-reflection exercised by man himself. When is human being free? When does he start constructing himself as a free being? The works included in the collection touch upon various aspects of the notion of freedom in the light of the above-stated hypotheses.


From Plato to Heidegger

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