2014-2015 Archaeological Report: Tsikhesulori Village, Vani Municipality

Guram Kipiani, Madona Mshvildadze, Anna Dularidze


The city of Surium, mentioned by Pliny the Elder and Claudius Ptolemy
among the ancient cities of Colchis, is localized in the village of Tsikhesoluri,
where some archeological excavations have been carried out by the Ilia State
University staff and students during the last two seasons. The excavations were
resumed in 2014 and continued in 2015 as well.
In 2014, a small area was excavated and the directions of the defensive
buildings in the south of the city were established. At the same time, a looted
tomb was discovered where some ceramic materials, including a Chersonesian
amphora, were found. Several accidental discoveries were made by the villagers
(including bronze bracelets dating from the 1st century BC, Roman plinths,
etc.). A number of medieval pitchers were also unearthed.


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