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No 8 (2016): Kadmos On the Georgian Translation of Arthur Schopenhauer’s The World as Will and Representation Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
Zurab Kiknadze
No 2 (2010): Kadmos On the Origin of Mtskheta (Urban Space, Time and Geography) Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Guram Kipiani
No 8 (2016): Kadmos On the Origin of the Georgian Folk Song Mumli Mukhasa (the Oak and the Midges) Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
Ekvtime Kochlamazashvili
No 7 (2015): Kadmos On the Portraits of Catholicos-Patriarchs of Upper Iberia (Eastern Georgia) Anton I and Anton II Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Irakli Tezelashvili
No 8 (2016): Kadmos On the Problem of Asemantic Texts of Svan Songs Abstract   PDF   PDF (Georgian)
Nana Mzhavanadze, Madona Chamgeliani
No 6 (2014): Kadmos Otar Kajaia - 90 Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Lali Ezugbaia, Merab Chukhua
No 4 (2012): Kadmos Pastoral orders Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Tamaz Kochlamazashvili
No 1 (2009): Kadmos Peculiarities of Formationof Abstract Nouns in Hebrew Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Lali Guledani
No 8 (2016): Kadmos Platonic Spirituality: Contemplative Politics and Active Philosophy Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
Zaza Shatirishvili
No 8 (2016): Kadmos Polish–Georgian Cultural and Historical Relations in 1921-1939 Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
David Kolbaia
No 6 (2014): Kadmos Primordialist or Ethno-Symbolist’s Perception regarding Carthaginian Statehood Abstract   PDF   PDF (Georgian)
Eka Avaliani
No 1 (2009): Kadmos Problems of Mismatch between Syntax and Morphology in Kartvelian Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Winfried Boeder
No 5 (2013): Kadmos Professor Shushana Putkaradze’s Contribution to the Linguocultural Study of the Historical South-Western Part of Georgia Abstract   PDF
Iza Chantladze
No 6 (2014): Kadmos Reflections on Giorgi Macharashvili’s Dissertation on The Great Schism and Georgia Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Nugzar Papuashvili
No 3 (2011): Kadmos REFRANERO Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Elene Gogiashvili
No 4 (2012): Kadmos Remains of a Bronze Equestrian Statue from Vani Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Elena Gigolashvili, Marina Pirtskhalava
No 5 (2013): Kadmos Report of an Archeological Exploration in Zeda Tsikhesoluri Village of Vani Municipality Abstract   PDF
Guram Kipiani, Madona Mshvildadze
No 3 (2011): Kadmos Response to Steven Brown's comments Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Joseph Jordania
No 3 (2011): Kadmos Response to Steven Brown's comments Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Joseph Jordania
No 4 (2012): Kadmos Results of Archeological Research on the Dolochopi Basilica in 2012 Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Nodar Bakhtadze
No 5 (2013): Kadmos Saint George the Hagiorite and the Roman Church Abstract   PDF
David Tinikashvili
No 1 (2009): Kadmos Samshoblo and Mamuli ('Homeland') Abstract   PDF
Shukia Apridonidze
No 8 (2016): Kadmos Scholarly and Eucharistic Mysticism of Origen Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
Kakhaber Kurtanidze, Natia Gabrichidze
Vol 9 (2017): Kadmos Semantic Models of Urban Space in the Paintings of Jemal Kukhalashvili Abstract   PDF (Georgian)   PDF
Ketevan Jishiashvili
No 3 (2011): Kadmos Sexual Selection or Natural Selection? Abstract   PDF (Georgian)
Joseph Jordania
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