179Argumentative Logic and Forms of Dialogismin Epistolary Discourse

  • Mzagho Dokhturishvili
Keywords: Interaction, Dialogism, polyphony, Epistolary genre, Argumentation


The present work deals with the study of some peculiarities of an epistolary dis­course in fiction on the basis of argumentative logic and the forms of dialogism.

The problem of relationship among dialogism, polyphony and intertextuality are also discussed. Although many conference sand works focuse on this problem quite a few books have been written about the relationship among these three phenom­enons. Existence of a discourse depends on these phenomenons.

The work discusses the novel ‘La Vagabonde’ – by Colette. The novel is char­acterized by a number of noticeable peculiarities of style. Narration is given in the first person. The appearance of the different genre of discourse – epistle is in the third part of the novel. But it is not given in a perfect way. Narrator that is cited as prototype of the author gives quotations from her letter. To know the answers of the addressee is possible by reading the letters of Renée Néré.


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