Georgians at the Council of Ferrara-Florence (13th-15th Centuries)

  • Eldar Mamistvalishvili Gori State University
Keywords: the Council of Ferrara-Florence


The difference in the interests of Georgia and Rome became especially obvious from the 15th century. In the period preceding the disintegration of the unified Georgian state, the Council of Ferrara-Florence witnessed the first powerful manifestation of the ardent struggle of the Georgian church and state authorities for the protection of the independence and individual nature of the Georgian Orthodox Church. This article describes the resistance of the Georgian royal and church authorities not only to the Council members supporting the Unia, but to the Pope as well, over a number of dogmatic issues including the Filioque clause. Georgians did not sign the Act of Unia.

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Eldar Mamistvalishvili, Gori State University
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