On morphosemantics of the Destination Sign in GESL

  • Tamar Makharoblidze Ilia State University
  • Tamar Archvadze Ilia State University


According to scientific literature and language materials, affixation (type of word formation) can be seen in Georgian Sign Language – GESL. Morphosemantics of the Destination Sign (an affix found in GESL) will be discussed in the paper. The material of GESL is sufficient to consider the sign as a derivational affix and name it as a ‘Destination affix’ - DS. Its main morphosemantic feature is to produce adjectives or nouns with possessive-destination-purpose semantics.

Author Biography

Tamar Archvadze, Ilia State University



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Makharoblidze, T., & Archvadze, T. (2022). On morphosemantics of the Destination Sign in GESL. KADMOS, (13), 63-95. Retrieved from https://kadmos.iliauni.edu.ge/index.php/kadmos/article/view/350