The Notion of “Chosen People” in Georgian Hagiography

  • Eka Tchkoidze
Keywords: Hagiography, Athos, Medieval Ages


For the study of religious factor’s influence on shaping a national identity during the medieval period Georgian hagiographic texts of 10th-11th c. are of special interest. We shall refer to three texts: the long version of the “Life of Hilarion the Georgian” by an anonymous author (10th-11th c.), the “Life of John and Euthymios” by George the Athonite (11th c.) and the “Life of George the Athonite” by George the Hieromonachos (11th c.). All of them contain information about Georgian messianic belief and they were composed outside Georgia. This is quite logical because such a belief needs special environment. The role of such an environment played the Georgian Monastery of Iviron on Mount Athos.

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