Dictionary of Architectural Terms of Old World Statement

  • Guram Kipiani Ilia State University
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I would like to introduce some definitions of architectural terms and concepts from the “Dictionary of Architectural Terms of Old World” I have been working on for several years now. The first announcement about the dictionary appeared in the scientific and technological journal “Energy”, where I included 31 definitions of some concepts. This time I am offering 31 more explanations. The Old World can be a very ostensible and unspecified notion if not explained. As the title of the dictionary suggests, the book is not going to cover the latest developments of architecture of the 20th-21st centuries. “Architectural Modernity” and the lexicographical processing of its terms is to be left to the specialists of modern history of architecture to explain. The role of an explanatory dictionary is commonly defined as follows: it shall enhance knowledge and increase awareness in order to save us from terminological confusion, which has become significantly noticeable almost everywhere, even in special literature, various presentations, speeches, etc. It has reached catastrophic levels among students who find themselves overwhelmed by “known unknown” words; many of them have considerable difficulties when asking even simple questions. The dictionary aims to give answers to some questions and, most importantly, to make specific literature easier to read and provide a quick search of certain words. I would like to thank Madonna Mshvildadze, Doctor of Archeology, for her assistance in the creation of the dictionary. I have not yet submitted a dictionary project anywhere, as I am looking forward to my colleagues' views and opinions on the dictionary and its relevance. The underlined words given in the list of definitions mean that they are to be explained in the dictionary as well. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Professor Guram Lortkipanidze, Correponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences, who took the initiative to edit the dictionary. This dictionary is dedicated to the memory of a famous and influential scholar, Professor Irakli Tsitsishvili.

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Guram Kipiani, Ilia State University
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