Jubilee of Winfried Boeder – 75

  • Avtandil Arabuli Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics
  • Izolda Chantladze Arn. Chikobava Institute of Linguistics
  • Nino Doborjginidze Ilia State University
Keywords: Jubilee


The editorial board of Kadmos congratulates Professor Winfried Boeder,a distinguished linguist specializing in English and Caucasian studies, an honorary doctor of several Georgian universities, on his 75th birthday. His Georgian colleagues, Professors Avtandil Arabuli, Izolda Chantladze and Nino Doborjginidze comment on his invaluable activities in Kartvelian studies from different perspectives.
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Arabuli, A., Chantladze, I., & Doborjginidze, N. (1). Jubilee of Winfried Boeder – 75. KADMOS, 1(4), 238-272. Retrieved from https://kadmos.iliauni.edu.ge/index.php/kadmos/article/view/118

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