Corpus of The Georgian Chronicles (Kartlis Tskhovreba)


  • Nino Doborjginidze Ilia State University
  • Irina Lobzhanidze Ilia State University



The paper reports on the outcomes of the research project The Corpus of
the Georgian Chronicles (Kartlis Tskovreba), jointly implemented by the Ilia
State University and the National Centre of Manuscripts. The project aims
at building a new extensive corpus of the Georgian language; thus, Kartlis
Tskovreba is viewed as a representative source of valuable research input. The
scope and representativeness of the texts, as well as free access, will enable
researchers to examine all available versions of the texts.
The parallel corpus is divided into the following sections:
1. Text Block, consisting of publications and manuscripts in a digital format.
It also includes the Armenian translation of Kartlis Tskovreba, aligned
with the Georgian texts. The search engine allows for different filters;
2. Visual Block, consisting of manuscript illuminations including samples of
calligraphy and binding.
The paper dwells on issues related to the development, design and
structure of the corpus. It consists of the introduction, methodological and
theoretical prerequisites, hypotheses and research findings, and conclusions.


How to Cite

Doborjginidze, N., & Lobzhanidze, I. (2017). Corpus of The Georgian Chronicles (Kartlis Tskhovreba). KADMOS, (7), 367–379.